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Why You Need A Workout Program?

If you're familiar with a little social media app called Instagram, then you've seen thousands of fitness trainers promoting their workout plans. Heck, perhaps that's exactly where you found me. Truth is that I was one of those scrollers years ago, trying to find some inspiration, and getting confused by all the different workouts posted daily. Then, I found a fitness influencer that had just launched her training platform and decided to give it a try.

At the time, I was not well versed with gym equipments. I knew how to use the basic machines, and knew how to execute basic exercises. I wasn't sure on the best combinations of supersets, and all the different attachments used on the cable machine.

I was well versed in the world of home workouts, having completed a ton of different home workout programs. I loved not having to think what I was going to do next, because someone else had already designed an entire workout from scratch and all I had to do was follow. That's precisely what I wanted at the gym.

After applying, and choosing what program I wanted, I received my first custom workout program, and was also accompanied by a registered dietician in order to maximize my journey. Let me tell you that for me, it was the best thing I did in terms of investing in my health. I loved being able to go to the gym and feel confident because I knew exactly what I needed to do, and thanks to video demos, exactly how to do it as well. Never mind the time I saved myself being able to complete all my sessions without 1hr.

I like working out alone. I know some people want that sense of community, others want a personal trainer to push them, and others feel more confident walking into a gym with a workout partner. I love putting on my workout playlist, and just keeping that mind muscle connection when I workout. For all of that to be possible, I need to have my workouts already organized and ready to go.

Another reason why is so important having a workout plan is that you avoid doing the same routine, over and over, and over, until your muscles have surpassed its limits for adaptation. Also, I frequently see lost souls, looking down on their phones, scrolling on instagram or google, trying to find what exercise to do next. Have a plan ready, that way you keep progressing, and save precious time.

I do sell workout programs, but in the end of the day, as trainers we all have different styles, and you must choose a program you'll stick to, and hopefully complete. Just make sure you're getting your program from a certified trainer.

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