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Thin, Curvy, Athletic: The Ideal Body Through Generations

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Since I started training, I've noticed that depending on which generation a female client belongs to, they have similar fitness goals and aesthetic tastes.

Female clients born in the 70s all the way to early 90s, desire to achieve a slender figure with minimal curves. Whereas females born mid 90s to early 2000s prefer to achieve the more curvaceous and athletic result. The truth is, no matter the result they wish to achieve, they all seem to want to go about it the same way. They ask about detox teas, low carb diets, thermogenics, etc.

Let me cut to the chase, fitness should not be influenced by a certain period in time, but unfortunately it is. Women who grew up with during a time where the ideal body was slender, are ingrained to believe the only way to have a fit body and feel good in their skin is to achieve that body time. Women who grew up looking up to curvaceous celebrities are going to feel the same way about that particular body type.

What does it mean to you in terms of acceptance and self-worth?

Now, more and more, there's an open dialogue about acceptance and inclusivity of different body types to be represented in equal manner to represent beauty. Being healthy goes way beyond aesthetic, and it should be no different in the fitness world. The prejudice against certain body types also bring about erroneous information regarding weight loss, strength training, and nutrition amongst women. It also brings an unhealthy relationship with personal self-worth that could develop in different disorders.

I'm here to promote fitness and well being through an organic sustainable process, while hopefully enabling you to appreciate y

our progress and achieve attainable goals. You can't transform a Beyonce into a Kate Moss and vice versa without extreme diets, cosmetic procedures, and jeopardizing their healths. If your intentions in getting into fitness was exclusively aesthetic, I hope you stay because of all the wonderful benefits a healthy lifestyle can provide.

You can be fit at any shape, and you can achieve your best version with a good fitness program, good nutritional habits and consistency. The key is to make it a habit, and whatever results you get from it will just be the icing on the cake, because your whole body will benefit from a healthy lifestyle beyond its looks. The ideal body is the one that can allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

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